Laws and Marijuana: What you should Know

The laws concerning the usage of marijuana have considerably changed over the past several years, and many more changes are expected as additional research is conducted on the plant and the discoveries of its benefits are made. You can easily and quickly learn more about the laws, and how they’ve changed vastly since 2009, in this great informational wikipedia article.

The Committee

wikipedia article

The Committee for Responsible Marijuana Policy is to thank for these new laws concerning the usage of marijuana. In 2008 the committee was formed, and after gaining more than 1000,000 signatures of people in Boston and the state supporting the reform, the bill was passed and officially put into effect in January 2009.

What are the New Marijuana Laws?

The new laws make marijuana possession a civil matter versus a criminal matter, and those who are found in possession are now fined $100. Before the committee passed the new policy, anyone found in possession of marijuana could be sentenced to up to six months in jail and face a fine of $1000, as well as a CORI report filed. This type of penalty gravely impacted the lives of many people, and with the discoveries of marijuana’s benefits, those on the committee felt that it was time for change. Now, the fine money that is paid helps the community in many ways, and doesn’t harbor them so greatly.

Is There Support for this Bill Change?

Many different organizations support this one and the changes they are after. This includes many in Boston, as well as the state, and throughout the country. In fact, many people were so fond of the new bill passing they also made changes to their marijuana policies.  Tennessee is one state that recently introduced the same policy as the one found in Massachusetts, although several other states have already implemented their own changes as well.

Why the need for Change?

Marijuana law changes have been occurring frequently around the country. It is legal for medical use in about half the 50 U.S. states, and is legal for recreational use in more than a dozen. It was these advancements that singled the need for changes with the laws and thanks to this committee and their efforts, these changes have come and now benefit so many people in various ways.

Marijuana is still classified as one of the worst drugs known to mankind, and the FDA has ignored requests to make a change, despite the advancements in research and all that is now known concerning marijuana and the medical benefits that it offers for many people, from those suffering from the pain of cancer to those dealing with infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS, and even people with glaucoma and depression. This committee is dedicated to shedding light on marijuana and the truth of its consumption and benefit while minimizing the impact that laws had on the lives on those who used the plant for either medical or recreational purposes.