Rave reviews for wireless gaming headsets xbox one

This is a feature article on today’s wireless gaming headsets designed specifically for Xbox use. Being brief, the article serves as a useful gateway or introduction to those who are not yet fully initiated in the globally competitive environment of online gaming and all its effects. By mentioning a few highlights of some of the rave reviews on the experiences of wireless gaming headsets xbox one use, new readers are given an early impression of what to expect. The featured headsets here are the Astro Gaming A50, the Beach Turtle collection of the Ear Force Elite 800X and the Ear Force Stealth 420X, and the Steel Series Siberia 800.

Let us begin with the Steel Series, and then we will knock on to the ASTRO. The Steel Series is for those who have a preference for versatility and looks. It’s main highlight, however, does seem to be comfort. As far as looks go, users are gifted with a matte and glossy plastic look and feel. As far as versatility goes, users can utilize this headset beyond Xbox One and onto its main rival PS4. You can also use this pair as an all round apparatus connected to your personal computer or laptop. One school of thought suggests that the ASTRO may just be the best of the bunch.

It is said to be one of the most popular headsets in use. But it is not cheap. Design is said to be premium and top shelf. Aesthetics-wise, users who like to mix it up with plastic and metal can have their paint and touch it. A Micro USB jack is provided for charging purposes. All audio, however, is emitted through the left ear. This does seem to pose a challenge, particularly if users’ sense of hearing is stronger in the right ear. Nevertheless, full volume control is included. In terms of providing comfort, the ASTRO is well padded to compensate for its perceived heavier than average weight.

wireless gaming headsets xbox one

The Ear Force Elite 800X is regarded as the big daddy in the famous Beach Turtle family. Design features are sleek but never overstated. This is also quite a versatile instrument because it is optimized for multimedia use. Of great importance to most users is, of course, sound. In this case, they are gifted with 7.1 surround sound accompanied with what is called active noise cancellation. Comfort is good too. The instrument is well padded with leather – is this for real – ear cups. For those than need to bring their brass tacks down a notch then the Ear Force Stealth 420X is considered to be a steal in comparison to the abovementioned Elite.

At this point in time we have run out of gas. Our batteries need to be re-charged here. It is worth signing off by reminding readers that all of the above is really just the tip of the iceberg. As we end this note, more new gaming headsets are hitting the market.